You’ll be amazed to see how easy it 

is to utilise your luggage trailer for

a comfortable camping experience 

with the ingenious concept of


Dust the cobwebs from your rarely used 6’ trailer or buy, borrow or rent one... but whatever you do, ensure that you order your CAMPINVENTER now for your next getaway. 

There are so many trailers in the country that are in disuse or only used when going on holiday or for garden refuse removal, 

but with this innovative product you can now add value to your trailer giving it a new lease of life.

CAMPINVENTER is a quick-fit trailer tent manufactured from ripstop canvas, comes in a kit form and fits on various 6’ trailers without any modifications to the trailer.



Ingenious use is made of the trailer lid, opening and supporting it in a horizontal position to utilise it as part of the sleeping compartment with the beds partly resting on it. The trailer and lid are easily levelled and secured with adjustable stabilisers. You can comfortably stand upright in the sleeping section of the trailer for easy dressing. There is the option of two single beds, ideal for when the men go fishing or hunting or a comfortable 1.9m x 1.3m double bed by merely shifting the two single beds together. The firm mattresses are covered with durable rip-stop canvas. The bed bases are manufactured from aluminium checkered platecvn .

The three windows and a door opening of the sleeping compartment is fitted with mosquito netting and assures good cross ventilation. The windows roll up from the outside but also has an inside panel that can be partly opened or completely closed to regulate the air flow, or for privacy when the outside windows are rolled up.

Baggage under the beds is close by and easily reachable from inside or outside the trailer. 

The sleeping compartment and canopy is one unit and very easily erected and anchored with only five poles en ropes. The canopy becomes a spacious side tent of 2.8m x 2.5m by simply attaching three panels with high quality zips. 

Two of these sides have roll up windows with mosquito netting and the third panel has a door opening. 


As the panels are universal they can be attached in any order depending on which side you prefer the door opening. Easy access to the sleeping compartment on the trailer is achieved by a sturdy step that rests on the mudguard.

All the CAMPINVENTER components weigh a mere 80 kg and take up only 50% of the load bin space of the trailer. This leaves ample space for food, clothing, braai equipment, etc.

You can now fully utilise your trailer by also using it for that wonderful camping experience. There is nothing easier than towing a trailer... with your 4X4 or even a small car and because no modifications are made to the trailer, you can still use it for the purpose for which it was bought in the first place.

CAMPINVENTER is delivered to your home in a strong cardboard box.

CAMPINVENTER includes: ▲ main tent with canopy ▲ three panels for side tent ▲ bed bases and mattresses ▲ ground sheet ▲ lid and trailer stabilisers ▲ poles, ropes and pegs ▲ step ▲ shade net roof cover with canopy.

CAMPINVENTER costs just R17 777 (excluding trailer) and can be paid in three instalments.

Delivery is two months from date of order. 


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